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    Silex SX2933 Pocketpro 100s


    Troy / Silex SX-2933 Pocket Pro 100 Print Server
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
    2933 SX2933-S01 100S (Looks new)

    See also ESI-2833


    The industry's most powerful single-port Ethernet print server

    The SX-2933 is the industry's most powerful single-port Ethernet print server, with advantages that include:
    • Support for all major operating systems and network printing protocols with flexible configuration capabilities
    • Comprehensive printer management, including bulk configuration and compatibility with leading network management systems
    • Extensive security capabilities with 802.1X, encrypted printing, and access control lists

    The SX-2933 (formerly PocketPro 100S) multiprotocol print server is ideal for connecting any parallel printer to a 10baseT/100baseTX network. It is designed for Enterprise Printer Connectivity environments, but is also a cost-effective solution for SMB (Small Medium Business) and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) applications. The SX-2933 is very easy to use, and is suitable for any application that requires reliability, performance, manageability and great support. It provides flexible printer placement and it works with all popular computers and network operating systems. The SX-2933 is based on field-proven Silex print server technology that is used at major customer sites throughout the world.

    Unparalleled Versatility

    The SX-2933 is printer independent, allowing you to connect any parallel printer to the network. This gives you the flexibility to implement printers that meet your needs without being concerned about network print services. In addition, you can print simultaneously from multiple network protocols, providing the performance, flexibility and convenience required in today's diverse network printing environments.

    The SX-2933 network printing protocols and features include:

    TCP/IP and Windows

    • lpr/lpd network printing protocol
    • Configurable TCP printer port numbers (for example, Port 9100) on a per service basis
    • NetBIOS over IP and NetBEUI
    • FTP printing
    • SNMP V1, MIB I & II
    • IPP protocol (Internet printing)
    • Peer-to-peer printing (direct printing) via the Microsoft DLC, TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocols with ExtendNet Connect
    • IP address configuration via serial port, arp, rarp, DHCP, BOOTP, Silex ExtendView, Silex XAdmin, HP JetAdmin/ Web JetAdmin, NetWare, and DEC MOP

    AppleTalk/EtherTalk mode

    • Macintosh System 6.X, 7.X, 8.X, 9.X, MacOS 10.X (including Tiger)
    • EtherTalk Phase 2
    • Apple LaserWriter driver 8.X and above (PostScript printer required)
    • Works with PostScript-compatible laser printers
    • Supports most HP, Epson, and Canon inkjet printers
    • Automatic detection of NetWare frame type or frame type can be forced
    • AppleTalk spoofing for support of non-bidirectional PostScript printers
    • AppleTalk binary printing (requires that printer supports the HP Tagged Binary Protocol)
    NetWare mode
    • Simultaneous support for NetWare Bindery and NDS modes
    • NDPS support via Novell's Generic Gateway or HP's Printer Gateway
    • Packet signatures, checksums and aliasing
    • Dedicated print server and remote printer modes
    • Encrypted passwords
    • Up to eight NetWare file servers and up to 32 queues
    • Automatic file server reattachment
    • Automatic detection of NetWare frame type or frame type can be forced
    • Compatible with Novell NWAdmin and ManageWise
    LAT mode
    • Supports printing from legacy Digital Equipment Corporation computers

    Integration With Your Printer Management Strategy

    Silex print servers are easy to manage, because they include comprehensive proprietary management utilities, and they are also compatible with industry standards like HP JetAdmin. Our Open Management Architecture provides the ability to monitor printers at any management level with unprecedented ease and vision, no matter what your network. The SX-2933 management capabilities include:

    • Silex ExtendView Utilities Silex utilities that provide extensive and easy-to-use configuration and management capabilities. A major advantage of ExtendView is its ability to configure and upgrade multiple print servers simultaneously. ExtendView also displays system, network and printer status information via SNMP traps
      • ExtendView for TCP/IP
      • ExtendView for NDS (snaps into Novell NWAdmin)
      • ExtendView for NetWare
      • ExtendView for UNIX (Linux 2.0.34, Solaris 2.6, SunOS 4.1.3, HPUX 10.20)
    • NetworkAlert Utilities Silex utilities that assist in managing network printers by proactively alerting you of printer problems via SNMP traps. Integrates into ExtendView for advanced diagnostic and configuration information
    • Compatibility with any SNMP-based network management software (For example, HP OpenView, IBM NetView and Sun SunNet Manager)
    • Private MIB LAN Administration Tool support
    • XAdmin32, XAdmin Compatibility with legacy Silex Print Server Administration utilities
    • WebXAdmin Web Browser allows print server configuration and management
    • HP JetAdmin and Web JetAdmin
    • Novell ManageWise
    • Command line interface accessible via TELNET and NetWare

    Industry-Leading Security

    If your application requires high levels of security, the SX-2933 is the industry's best solution for secure network printing. It is one of the very few print servers that supports the 802.1X authentication protocol, including EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, PEAP, and LEAP. It also lets you encrypt your printing jobs using Triple DES, AES, or Twofish via a Windows-compatible port monitor. In addition, the SX-2933 provides IP access control list security, which allows you to restrict access to the printer based on the IP address of the sending computer.

    Superior Performance

    The SX-2933 can increase users productivity by shortening their print waiting times. Now IT managers can avoid buying a faster printer by fully utilizing their existing printer speeds. When it comes to printing graphics documents, with a throughput of nearly one megabyte per second, the PocketPro 100S can handle the toughest jobs in the shortest amount of time.

    Other Features

    The SX-2933 also supports numerous features for configuration flexibility, ease of use, and diaganostics.

    • Compact package connects directly to most parallel printers without the need for a cable
    • LEDs to indicate power-on, link, activity
    • lpd-Plus virtual printer capability (allows complex user- defined setup and reset strings configurable on a per-service basis)
    • Text-to-PostScript conversion on a per-service basis
    • Programmable character string conversion
    • Communications Protocol or can be forced into binary mode)
    • On-line HELP
    • Sophisticated diagnostics, including protocol trace capability and crash dump
    • Flash memory allows for easy upgrades via TCP/IP Windows Update Utility, XAdmin, tftp master or slave mode, BOOTP, NetWare, and DEC MOP

    Ordering Information

    SX-2933-Sxx* Multiprotocol Print Server

    * xx indicates included power supply type as follows

    • 01 = Print Server with United States/Canada power supply
    • 03 = Print Server with Continental European power supply


    Dimensions8.6 x 6.5 x 2.9 cm (3.4 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches)
    Input Power350mA@5VDC (from included AC adapter)
    I/OIEEE P1284 bidirectional Centronics-compatible parallel with ECP support
    Network Port10baseT/100baseTX Auto-Sensing Ethernet
    Operating Temperature0 to 50 C
    Storage Temperature-20 to 60 C
    Maximum Temperature Change Per Hour20 C
    Altitude3.1km (operating);9km (storage)
    Operating Humidity10% to 90% non-condensing (40% to 60% recommended)
    Storage Humidity10% to 90%
    ManagementSilex ExtendView utility (Windows, UNIX, NetWare/NDS); HP JetAdmin and WebJetAdmin; Silex XAdmin web browser utility; Silex NetworkAlert; TELNET; Novell ManageWise, SNMP
    Operating System SupportWindows 95,98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista; Mac OS 8.x, 9.x, OS X; most UNIX systems, including Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, and SCO; Linux; OpenVMS; OS/400; other TCP/IP-based operating systems
    Network ProtocolsTCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, DLC/LLC, LAT
    Printing Protocolslpr/lpd, Raw TCP (Port 9100), FTP, IPP, NetWare Print Server, Remote Printer and NDPS (with HP or Novell NDPS gateway), Apple Printer Access Protocol

    Copyright(c) 2018 Argecy Computer Corporation - All rights reserved
    All other copyrights remain the property of their owners.