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    I-O Adaptio Print Server Software


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    I-O's adaptio is a Windows based software solution designed to print IBM host print jobs over an Ethernet network via TCP/IP. Running as a Windows service, adaptio seamlessly converts IBM's AFP/IPDS and SCS data streams to PCL. Printers are addressed through either Port 9100 or a Windows printer object.

    adaptio supports between 4 and 128 IPDS/SCS printer sessions and runs as a Windows service.

    adaptio offers the flexibility, speed, and control expected by IBM users.

    As the requirement for host printers increases, additional printer sessions can be added. With flexibility in mind, adaptio starts by supporting 1 network attached printers, and can later be expanded to support up to 128 printers.

    When printing from an IBM iSeries, AS/400, zSeries or System 390, adaptio prints IPDS and SCS print jobs at speeds up to 250 pages per minute. adaptio provides bi-directional communications between the IBM host and the printer, preventing documents from being lost in the "black hole" of network printing. In addition page range printing is supported.

    For decades, I-O Corporation has developed award-winning emulations for the IBM host printing market. Whether printing from an IBM iSeries, AS/400, zSeries or S/390, adaptio prints host documents with speed and accuracy. Printer speeds of up to 250 pages per minute are supported.

    adaptio provides bi-directional communications between the IBM host and the printer, allowing error reporting and printer monitoring. Host print jobs are not lost in the "black hole" of network printing. In addition, if there is a need to print a portion of a print job, page range printing is supported.

    adaptio is easily installed on a Windows 2000 Pro or newer system. The adaptio software is up and running in minutes through the use of I-O's adaptio Management Utility.

    • Features and Benefits
    • Expandability: Printer sessions range from 1 to 128 LAN attached printers.
    • High Speed Printing, up to 250 ppm: Data conversion is accomplished by adaptio and sent to the printer via the Ethernet LAN. adaptio takes advantage of high-speed, high-performance printers.
    • I-O's Award Winning Printer Emulations: All AFP/IPDS and SCS functions including True Print Complete, AFP/IPDS and SCS Duplex, Page Offset, COR, Fonts, Barcode, are fully supported by adaptio.
    • Remote Printing: Printers can be attached locally or remotely via a WAN or VPN.
    • AFP/IPDS & SCS Printing: IBM host printing to network attached printers can be accomplished easily in an Ethernet environment. Laser printers can be configured as AFP/IPDS and/or SCS virtual printers. Dot-matrix printers are configured as SCS printers.
    • Full IBM Host Control of Print Jobs: adaptio provides bi-directional communication between the host and the printer.
    • Windows Print System Support Option: Printers can be addressed directly via Port 9100 or through the Windows printer object.

    Technical Specifications

    iSeries, AS/400
    TCP/IP (PPR/PPD, TN5250e)

    zSeries, S/390
    TCP/IP (PPR/PPD, TN3270e)

    IPDS Emulations
    IBM 4028 AS1, 3812-2, 3816-1D/S
    Includes 4312/17 font support

    SCS Emulations
    iSeries, AS/400
    IBM 3812-1, 4214, 5224, 5225, and 5256

    SCS/DSC Emulations
    zSeries, S/390
    IBM 3287

    IPDS Towers
    Supports all towers

    System Requirements
    iSeries, AS/400
    OS/400 Release 3.1 or higher
    PSF/400 for IPDS

    zSeries, S/390
    PSF/MVS Version 2.2.0 with APR OW15599 for IPDS
    MVS Scheduler with APRA 0212236
    TCP/IP Version 3.1 or higher
    VM, MVS, OS/390 or z/OS

    Windows Printers
    Laser and dot-matrix via raw output

    Direct 9100 Port
    Laser and dot-matrix printers that accept Port 9100 communication, PJL unsolicited messages

    Print Drivers
    IPDS PCL 5e
    SCS PCL 3, Epson, IBM ProPrinter, Generic

    I-O's adaptio management Utility runs locally on the server
    Remote access available via Windows remote access, VNC, Radmin, Other remote control utilities

    Operating System Required
    Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro, Windows 2000 server, 2003 server

    Minimum of 512 MB

    Minimum of Pentium 4 1GHz

    Getting Started Guide: A condensed step-by-step installation guide.
    adaptio Management Utility Help: Describes screens and the various configuration options.
    adaptio User's Guide: Provides installation, basic configuration instuctions and troubleshooting hints.
    IPDS Reference Manual: Provides detailed configuration information, including IBM host setup.
    SCS Reference Manual: Provides detailed configuration information, including IBM host setup.

    Copyright(c) 2018 Argecy Computer Corporation - All rights reserved
    All other copyrights remain the property of their owners.