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    Lantronix WiBox


    WiBox Dual Port

    Wireless Device Server for Wireless Networking

    • Enables access to remote devices while minimizing costly cabling
    • Provides network mobility for untethered communication
    • Industry standard 802.11b/802.11g wireless interface
    • Transparent communications - no need to develop special software
    • Two DB9 DTE serial ports supporting RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 communication
    • Bulletproof wireless security with IEEE 802.11i-PSK,WPA-PSK, TKIP
    • 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption
    • Ethernet or wireless communication
    • Features TruPort" Com port control technology

    Wirelessly Connect, Monitor, Manage and Control Devices Over a Network or the Internet

    WiBox" dual port device servers enable you to connect equipment to 802.11b/g wireless networks via serial or Ethernet, quickly and easily. By merging wireless communications and Lantronix device server technology, WiBox simplifies connectivity to devices in applications where mobility is required or cabling is impractical.

    Lantronix's innovative approach to network-enabling devices is transparent to your attached devices and software. You won't need to change the way you work, and there's no need to develop special software to take advantage of wireless networking capabilities. The WiBox simply becomes a conduit between you and your device over your network or the Internet.

    The flexibility and power of WiBox offers a huge cost-saving potential for a variety of commercial applications. Serial RS- 232/422/485 flexibility, Advanced security, robust data handling capabilities and high serial speeds are all built in. Using a method called serial tunneling, the WiBox encapsulates serial data into packets and transports it over 802.11b/g wireless networks. By connecting two WiBox units via a network, virtual serial connections can be extended across your facility or around the world.

    The Com Port Redirector software included with your WiBox simplifies your integration process by extending the functionality of your COM port-based Windows" applications. With virtual COM ports mapped to remote device servers on the network, you can replace direct serial connections.

    To enable access to a local network or the Internet, the WiBox integrates a fully developed TCP/IP network stack and OS. It even includes a built-in web server, which can be used for configuration or to display operating and troubleshooting information on the attached links to online support.

    The DeviceInstaller configuration software that's included simplifies installation and setup. WiBox can be set up locally through its serial port, or remotely over a network using DeviceInstaller Telnet or a web browser. Flash memory provides maintenance-free, non-volatile storage of web pages, and allows future system software upgrades.

    In modem emulation mode, WiBox is used to replace dial-up modems. The unit accepts modem AT commands on the serial port, then establishes a network connection to the end device, leveraging wireless mobility and bandwidth to eliminate dedicated modems and phone lines.

    If you're looking for a transparent, cost-effective and scalable means to network-enable your serial devices, look no further than WiBox from Lantronix.

    Total Com Port Control with TruPort Technology

    Built into the included Com Port Redirector software, TruPort" technology enables Windows-based applications to access and control serial ports on the WiBox as if they were actually local PC serial ports. The application can monitor and set hardware pins on the WiBox serial ports as well as access serial buffers for total Com port control. This allows existing applications to seamlessly transition from controlling local devices to true remote monitoring and control of devices around the world.

    Part NumberDescription
    WB2100EG1-01WBX2100E802.11b/g with 10/100 Ethernet, 115Vac,
    50/60 Hz power adapter
    WB2100EG2-01WBX2100E802.11b/g with 10/100 Ethernet, 100-240Vac,
    50/60 Hz International power adapter
    WB2100EG0-01WBX2100E802.11b/g with 10/100 Ethernet, no power supply
    WB2100EGB-01WBX2100E802.11b/g with 10/100 Ethernet, Board only
    ACDIN2001-01DIN-rail mount
    500-164DB9F to DB9F null modem serial cable

    Features & Specifications

    Serial Interface
    • 2 DB9 DTE serial ports
    Serial Port 1RS-232
    Serial Port 2RS-232/422/485 software selectable
    Data Rates300 to 921,600 bps
    Characters7 or 8 data bits
    ParityOdd, even, none
    Stop Bits1 or 2
    Control SignalsRTS, CTS, DSR, DTR, DCD
    Flow ControlXON/XOFF, RTS/CTS
    ESD Protection4kv direct per port
    • IEEE 802.11i - PSK with AES-CCMP Encryption
    • WPA - PSK
    • TKIP Encryption
    • 128-256 Bit Rijndael AES Encryption, NIST AES FIPS-197 CERT#120
    • 64/128-bit WEP
    Network Interface
    InterfaceWBX2100E - 802.11b/g
    ConnectorWBX2100E - Antenna (RP-SMA)
    StandardsWPA, WEP, ARP, UDP/IP, TCP/IP, ICMP, SNMP, AutoIP, DHCP, TFTP, Telnet and HTTP
    • 1 RJ45
    • 10/100 Ethernet
    Indicators (LED)
    • Power
    • Ethernet Link
    • Wireless Link
    • Serial 1
    • Serial 2
    CPUDSTni-EX (enhanced 80186, 88 MHz)
    Memory256 Kbytes SRAM, 512 Kbytes flash
    • Lantronix DeviceInstaller GUI, Serial login, SNMP, Telnet login, HTTP
    SecurityWEP, WPA, TKIP
    Input9 - 30 VDC
    Consumption2 W max.
    • AC adapter included (see ordering information below)
    Operating Temp. Range-40" to 70"C
    Operating Humidity0 to 95%, non-condensing
    Storage Temp. Range-40" to 85"C
    Device Packaging
    MaterialMetal case with flange mount
    Dimensions (LxWxH)94 x 72 x 23 mm (3.7 x 2.8 x .9 in)
    Weight0.4 kg (0.9 lbs)
    Agency Approvals
    • FCC-B, C/UL, CSA, CE, TUV, CTick, Japanese Radio Certification (Type Certification of Specified Radio Equipment)
    Shipping Dimensions
    Dimensions (LxWxH)9.5 x 7.2 x 13.97 cm (3.7 x 2.8 x 5.5 in.)
    Weight1.5 kg (3.0 lbs)
    Included Software
    • Windows" 98/ME/NT/2000/XP-based configuration software, Com Port Redirector software, related utilities, Quick Start Guide.

    Copyright(c) 2018 Argecy Computer Corporation - All rights reserved
    All other copyrights remain the property of their owners.