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    Lantronix MSS485-T



    External Device Server

    • TCP/IP (Unix), IPX (Novell NetWare), LAT (DEC)
    • RJ45/screw block serial interfaces
    • RJ45(10Base-T) network interface
    • Wide variety of port and network configuration options
    • Management via Telnet, SNMP, DHCP, and EZWebCon, Lantronix's management software
    • Automatic network connection on power up or during restarts
    • Flash ROM for easy software upgrades

    The MSS485-T device server enables you to quickly and cost-effectively connect equipment to the Ethernet network via serial ports so it can be accessed and managed remotely.

    Part NumberDescription
    MSS485-T-01Device server, 1 RJ45/screw terminal (RS-485/RS-422) serial port, 1 DB9 (RS-232) console port, 1 RJ45 (10BASE-T) networking port, diagnostic LEDs, Installation Guide, CD-ROM with EZWebCon software, Com Port Redirector, reference manual, and external 120VAC power supply
    MSS485-T-02Same as above with 220VAC power supply

    Features & Specifications

    Supported ProtocolsTCP/IP (Unix), IPX (Novell NetWare), LAT
    Network InterfaceRJ45 (10Base-T)
    Serial InterfaceRS-485 selectable RJ45 port/connector block with screw-type terminals, DB9 console (RS-423/RS-232) port for configuration and monitoring
    Data RatesSerial speeds up to 115.2 Kbps
    Serial Line Formats
    Characters7 or 8 data bits
    Stop bits1 or 2
    Parityodd, even, mark, space, or none
    Flow ControlXON/XOFF
    Hardware flow control
    Modem ControlsRTS, CTS, DSR, DTR
    Device SupportSupports any RS-422/RS-485 serial port device requiring network access
    ManagementSNMP compatible, supports MIB II
    EZWebCon, Lantronix's management software
    Telnet and LAT logins
    System SoftwareFlash ROM standard: downloadable from EZWebCon, a TCP/IP host (TFTP download), DECNET host (MOP download) or NetWare file server
    Diagnostic LEDsGood Link
    Unit OK
    Serial activity
    CompatibilityEthernet version 2/IEEE 802.3
    Power Requirements6VDC @ 0.7A maximum
    (external AC adapter included)
    Operating Temperature5 to 50C (41 to 122F)
    Storage Temperature-40 to 66C (-40 to 151F)
    Physical Dimensions
    9.0 x 6.4 x 2.3 cm (3.5 x 2.5 x 0.9 in)
    Shipping Dimensions
    11.13 x 11.86 x 18.73 cm (4.375 x 9.0 x 9.375 in)
    Weight3.1 lbs (1.4kg)
    Agency Approvals
    FCC (A), C/UL, CSA, TUV, CE

    Copyright(c) 2018 Argecy Computer Corporation - All rights reserved
    All other copyrights remain the property of their owners.