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    I-O 4430 CX/TX & 4431 CX/TX Protocol Converters



    TheI-O Print Box 4430TX / 4430CX and 4431TX / 4431CXturn almost any parallel or serial printer (laser, matrix, thermal, inkjet, card printer) into a full function powerful Twinax or Coax printer. It can easily be configured to meet the most demanding printing requirements.

    Click on images at right and below for larger images showing the Twinax and Coax interface connections.

    The 4430TX and 4430CX are the direct replacements for the PrintBox TXP Plus, CXP Plus, TXP Lite, and CXP Lite parallel printer interfaces.

    The 4431TX and 4431CX are the direct replacements for the PrintBox TXS Plus and CXS Plus serial printer interfaces.

    • Attaches virtually any PC printer with a parallel port or serial port to an IBM Power System, System i, i5, iSeries AS/400, System/3X, or 53X4 Remote Controller  with a standard Twinax (or balun) connection, or to a 3270-type mainframe host or 3174 type controller with a standard coax (or balun) connection.

    • Setup is quick and easy via the mouse-supported PC setup software, through Host/PC download commands, and rotary switches.

    • Comes with the industry's best 3812-1, 4214, 5224/25/56 Twinax and 3812-1, 4214, 4224, 4234, 3287/68/62 coax printer emulations (all non-IPDS).

    • Supports multiple fonts, duplex printing (Twinax only), Automatic Print Orientation, Computer Output Reduction, and other features. APF/ BGU printing is available across all IBM matrix printer emulations (Twinax).

    • Comes with drivers for a wide variety of popular PC printers including Hewlett-Packard PCL-type laser, Epson and IBM dot-matrix printers. In addition, laser printers can be driven as IBM 5225 line printers.

    IBM Features:

    Twinax AS/400

    • Attaches to IBM Power System, System i, i5, iSeries AS/400 or System/3X Hosts, or 5X94 Controllers via Twinax attachment

    • Supports IBM 3812-1 (SCS), 4214, 5224/25/56 Printer Emulations

    • APO and COR

    • Supports duplex selection of OS/400 beginning with V2R3 and OfficeVision/400

    • Supports Multiple Fonts via IBM Typestyle Numbers

    Coax 3270

    • Attaches to IBM System z, zSeries, 30XX, 43XX, or 937X Host, or 3x74 or 3276 Controller

    • IBM 3812-1, 4224, 4214, 3287/68/62 Printer Emulations (all non-IPDS)

    • LU3 (DSC) and LU1 (SCS) Mode Printing

    • APO and COR for laser printers

    • Supports All Applicable IBM RPQs

    Additional Features



    IBM Compatibility

    Offers complete IBM compatibility for 3812-1 (non-IPDS) and 5224 printer emulations.

    Easy Setup

    Host or PC download configuration "on the fly". PC download or push-button configuration allows setup of the interface without being connected to the 3270 host, for pre-programming of the interface.

    I-O Command Pass-Thru -

    Allows access to all user-programmable printer functions.

    Host/PC Download Commands

    Allows printer configuration customization.

    Custom User Strings

    Allows the user to assign commonly used printer commands to simple identifiers which can be sent to the printer prior to printing a document.




    Host Systems:

    Twinax (5250) or Coax (3270)


    IBM Twinax (4430TX) or Coax (4430CX) to Parallel Printer Interface
    IBM Twinax (4431TX) or Coax (4431CX) to Serial Printer Interface

    Interface:IBM Twinax (TX) or Coax (CX) to parallel (P) or RS-232 serial (S)
    Power:Supplied by the printer or through 5V external power supply
    Environment:Temperature: +40 to 110 F (+5 to 42 C)
    Relative humidity: 20% to 85%
    Optimum: 70 +/- 15 F (24 +/- 8 C)
    Approvals:FCC A; CE 55022; RoHS Compliant

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    All other copyrights remain the property of their owners.