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    Lexmark 5-Bin Mailbox (Color Laser) Parts


    28-1 40X2020 5-Bin mailbox, complete

    2 40X2157 Access door rear latch

    3 40X2049 10 1 Rear access door roller assembly

    4 40X2024 Access door front latch

    5 40X2032 Front door cover

    6 40X4268 Front door assembly

    7 40X2044 Left frame assembly w/clutch assembly

    8 40X2056 Drive shaft bushing packet

    9 40X2033 Right cover

    10 40X2054 Drive shaft assembly

    11 40X2055 Drive with gear shaft assembly

    12 40X2029 Front cover

    13 40X3242 5-bin mailbox pass thru sensor

    14 40X2028 Paper cap tray

    15 40X2043 5-bin mailbox assembly kit

    16 40X2027 Bail attach bracket assembly

    17 Bail, order P/N 40X2043, 5-bin mailbox assembly kit

    18 40X2035 Paper tray support

    19 40X2042 Paper tray stop assembly

    20 40X2038 Bin full flag

    21 40X2030 Rear structural cover

    22 40X2023 Tray media level sensor cable

    23 40X3240 Dual bin level sensor

    24 40X2052 Lower autoconnect cable assembly

    25 40X2050 Main DC drive assembly

    26 40X2026 Bin full flag

    27 40X2064 5-bin mailbox system board assembly

    28 40X2067 Drive gear

    29 40X2053 Upper autoconnect cable assembly

    30 12 12 Screw, parts packet, 40X2046 (board mounting)

    31 40X2031 Rear assembly cover

    32 40X2000 Upper diverter spring

    33 40X2025 Top bin cover

    34 40X2040 Wire cover

    35 40X1638 Redrive cap cover assembly
    28.1-1 40X2065 Diverter spring

    2 40X2039 Right side frame assembly

    3 Screw type 323, parts packet, 40X1633

    4 40X2057 Diverter actuator cam

    5 40X2060 Diverter actuator spring

    6 40X2058 Diverter actuator latch

    7 40X2059 Diverter actuator arbor

    8 40X2069 C-clip retainer

    9 40X2021 Attach front bracket

    10 40X2061 Diverter solenoid

    11 40X2022 Static ground contact

    12 40X2041 Paper exit deflector w/brush

    13 40X2037 Paper deflector

    14 40X2068 Deflector

    15 40X2036 Paper top bin deflector

    NS 40X1968 Drive gear

    NS 40X2047 Roller retainer

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