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    HP 1200 Parts


    1 RA0-1177-000CN Cover, front

    2 RA0-1178-000CN Cover, right side

    3 RA0-1179-000CN Cover, left side

    4 RA0-1183-000CN Cover, connector

    5 RA0-1016-000CN Back cover assembly

    6 RG0-1017-000CN Top cover assembly

    7 RG0-1015-000CN Toner cartridge door assembly

    8 7121-8042 HP Jewel

    RY7-5082-000CN Screw kit (contains a full set of screws for the LaserJet 1200 product)
    1 RA0-1181-000CN Shutter guide

    2 RA0-1182-000CN Shutter lever

    3 RA0-1169-000CN Compression spring

    4 RG9-1486-000CN Laser/scanner assembly

    5 RG0-1074-000CN Cable, laser/scanner

    6 RG0-1020-000CN Pickup gear assembly

    7 RA0-1184-000CN Cover, right support

    8 RF0-1008-000CN Pickup roller

    9 RA0-1172-000CN Gear, 17T

    10 RG9-1483-000CN Transfer roller

    11 RG0-1002-000CN Left plate assembly

    12 RG0-1024-000CN Control panel assembly

    13 RH2-5440-000CN Cable, laser/scanner flat flexible

    14 C7857-60001 Formatter

    15 C7044-00001 Formatter shield

    16 0515-2672 Formatter screws
    1 RG0-1022-000CN Front guide assembly

    3 RG0-1030-000CN Fan assembly

    4 RA0-1173-000CN Lever holder

    5 RA0-1174-000CN Lever

    6 RA0-1175-000CN Tension spring

    7 RA0-1185-000CN Fuser plate, left

    8 RA0-1186-000CN Fuser plate, right

    9 RH7-5284-000CN Solenoid, DC24V

    10 RA0-1176-000CN Gear, 69T

    11 RA0-1023-000CN Connecting Link

    12 RG0-1001-000CN Right plate assembly

    13 RH7-1473-000CN Motor

    902 RA0-1197-000CN Foot, rubber (plate assemblies)
    1 RA0-1127-000CN Engine controller case

    2 RA0-1128-000CN PCB spacer

    3 WT2-5694-000CN Clamp, cable

    5 RG0-1012-000CN Engine controller PCB assembly, 110-127V

    RG0-1029-000CN Engine controller PCB assembly, 220-240V
    RG0-1003-000CN Paper pickup assembly

    10 RA0-1072-000CN Grounding plate

    11 RA0-1035-000CN Torsion spring

    19 RY7-5081-000CN Clutch kit

    23 RG0-1007-000CN Paper pickup shaft assembly

    25 RG0-1005-000CN Feed roller holder assembly

    25A RG0-1072-000CN Paper sensor PCB assembly

    28 RA0-1200-000CN Torsion spring
    2 RA0-1003-000CN Foot, rubber (paper pickup assembly)

    22 RG0-1006-000CN Paper lift plate assembly

    24 RF0-1014-000CN Separation pad
    RG0-1008-000CN Fuser assembly, 110V

    RG0-1026-000CN Fuser assembly, 220V

    2 RF0-1003-000CN Face-up roller

    4 RG0-1010-000CN Face-down delivery assembly

    5 RA0-1088-000CN Gear, 29T

    6 RA0-1089-000CN Gear, 17T (fuser assembly)

    18 RA0-1104-000CN Bushing

    26 RG0-1082-000CN Delivery sensor PCB assembly

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