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    HP Pro200 M276 Parts


    1 Right cover

    2 Right-upper cover

    3 Power button E

    4 Output bin

    5 Left cover
    6 Power inlet

    7 Rear door

    8 Front cover

    9 Front door

    10 Upper cover
    1 Cover, left RC3-2793-000

    2 Cover, rear upper RC3-2795-000

    3 Cover, rear lower RC3-2658-000

    4 Cover, rear right RC3-2657-000

    5 Door, front RM1-8795-000

    6 Cover, upper assembly RM1-8796-000

    7 Cover, front RM1-8769-000

    8 Cover, right RM1-8797-00

    9 Door, rear RC3-2659-000

    10 Cover, right-upper RC3-2788-000

    11 Cover, upper-right RC3-2800-000

    12 Control-panel assembly CF145-60101

    A04 USB PCA CF368-60001

    A02, A03 Power switch RM1-8711-000
    1 Roller, separation assembly RM1-8765-000

    2 Roller, pickup assembly RM1-8047-000

    3 Fuser power supply assembly (220V-240V) RM1-8710-000

    3 Fuser power supply assembly (110V-127V) RM1-8709-000

    4 Cover, holder RC2-2014-000

    5 Tray assembly RM1-8772-000
    1 Main drive assembly RM1-9328-000

    2 Sub drive assembly RM1-8785-000

    3 DC controller PCA RM1-8704-000

    4 Low voltage power supply assembly (110V-127V) RM1-9012-000

    4 Low voltage power supply assembly (220V-240V) RM1-9014-000

    5 Cable, flexible flat (base, network model) RK2-4540-000

    6 Fan RK2-4255-000

    10 PCA, driver assembly RM1-8706-000

    11 Cable, flexible flat (network model) RK2-4546-000

    13 Formatter PCA CF224-60001

    13 Fax PCA (U.S.) CF206-60001

    13 Fax PCA (Europe) CF207-60001

    13 Fax PCA (Brazil) CF208-60001

    14 Wireless PCA 1150-7940
    1 ITB lock lever assembly, left RM1-4482-000

    2 ITB lock lever assembly, right RM1-4483-000

    3 High voltage PCA RM1-8705-000

    4 Intermediate transfer belt assembly (ITB) RM1-8777-000

    5 Paper feed guide assembly RM1-8779-000

    6 Roller, transfer RM1-4445-000
    1 Fuser assembly (110V-127V) RM1-8780-000

    1 Fuser assembly (220V-240V) RM1-8781-000

    2 Fuser drive assembly RM1-8784-000

    3 Cartridge tray assembly RM1-8774-000
    1 Document feeder (ADF) motor cover CE538-40044

    2 Document feeder (ADF) assembly CF144-60128

    2 Document feeder (ADF) assembly CF144-60138

    4 Scanner assembly, base CF144-60132

    4 Scanner assembly CF144-60130
    1 Document feeder (ADF) core assembly

    2 Document feeder (ADF) input tray

    3 Document feeder (ADF) base

    4 Document feeder (ADF) cover, outer

    5 Document feeder (ADF) pick arm assembly

    6 Spring, document feeder (ADF) extension (pre-pick)

    8 Shaft, document feeder (ADF) pick extension

    9 Document feeder (ADF) cover, inner
    10 Roller assembly, document feeder (ADF) post-scan pinch

    11 Document feeder (ADF) separation pad assembly

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