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    Konica Bizhub 4000P Parts


    1 A63NPP2600 Cover (bizhub 4000P)

    1 A63NPP2700 Cover (bizhub 4700P)

    2 A63NPP2800 Cover

    3 A63PPP0400 Cover Rear Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    3 A63NPP0400 Cover Rear Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    4 A63PPP0600 Cover Right Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    4 A63NPP0600 Cover Right Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    5 A63NPP2900 Cover

    6 A63NPP1C00 Separation Roller Assy Assembly

    7 A63RPP0000 Cassette Assy 250 Sheet Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    7 A63NPP0000 Cassette Assy 550 Sheet Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    8 A63RPP0100 Cover Front (bizhub 4000P)

    8 A63NPP1K00 Cover Front (bizhub 4700P)

    9 A63NPP0100 Tray

    10 A63NPP1H00 Holder

    11 A63NPP2N00 Front Guide Assembly

    12 A63RPP0200 Panel Cover Button Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    12 A63NPP0700 Panel Cover Button Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    13 A63PPP0500 Cover Left (bizhub 4000P)

    13 A63NPP0500 Cover Left (bizhub 4700P)

    14 A63PPP0300 Cover Upper Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    14 A63NPP0300 Cover Upper Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    15 A63NPP2400 Tray (bizhub 4000P)

    15 A63NPP2500 Tray (bizhub 4700P)

    16 A63NPP1G00 Rubber Foot Set (4 pcs set)

    17 A63NPP2P00 Label Kit
    1 A63RPP0300 Print Head Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    1 A63NPP0G00 Print Head Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    2 A63NPP0N00 Fusing Unit 110V

    3 A63NPP0H00 Sensor

    4 A63NPP0F00 Fan motor

    5 A63RPP0400 PWB Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    5 A63NPP0900 PWB Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    6 A63NPP0W00 Sensor

    7 A63NPP0E00 Guide Assembly

    8 A63NPP0D00 Solenoid Kit

    9 A63NPP0C00 Solenoid

    10 A63RPP0500 Panel Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    10 A63NPP0A00 Panel Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    11 A63NPP0K00 Sensor
    1 A63NPP0P00 Sensor

    2 A63PPP0B00 Contact Cartridge C 1

    3 A63NPP0Q00 Sensor

    4 A63NPP0V00 Power supply Assembly 100V

    5 A63NPP0T00 Sensor

    6 A63NPP0R00 Sensor

    7 A63NPP0W00 Sensor

    8 A63NPP0S00 Sensor

    9 A6WDPP0R00 Actuator
    1 A63NPP0Y00 Transfer Roller

    2 A63NPP2A00 Compressing Spring

    3 A63PPP0F00 Reverse Assembly (bizhub 4000P)

    3 A63NPP0X00 Reverse Assembly (bizhub 4700P)

    4 A63NPP1N00 Holder Kit

    5 A63NPP1500 Duplex Assembly

    6 A63NPP1800 ACM Drive Assembly

    7 A63NPP1000 Pick tire Set(2 pcs set)

    8 A63NPP1600 ACM Assembly

    9 A63NPP1100 Paper Feed Separation Pad Kit

    10 A63NPP1200 Guide Assembly

    11 A63NPP1300 MPF Drive Assembly

    12 A63NPP1400 Duplex Gear Assembly

    13 A63NPP1900 Cartridge Gear Assembly

    14 A63NPP2B00 Main Drive Motor

    15 A63NPP1700 Main Drive Assembly
    1 A63RPP0700 Maintenance kit 110V (bizhub 4000P)

    1 A63NPP2F00 Maintenance kit 110V (bizhub 4700P)

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