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    IBM / Toshiba 4610-2CR and 2NR Parts


    Please call for prices

    1 - 80Y1227 Model 2NR with pearl white covers

    - 80Y1225 Model 2CR with pearl white covers

    - 80Y1228 Model 2NR with iron gray covers

    - 80Y1226 Model 2CR with iron gray cover

    -1 46T7644 Paper door, pearl white

    -1 46T7645 Paper door, iron gray

    -2 44D0166 Main cover, pearl white

    -2 44D0167 Main cover, iron gray

    -3 44D0148 Thermal cutter assembly

    -4 44D0194 Document paper feed motor and gear

    -5 44D0152 Impact platen assembly (Models 2CR)
    - Impact platen
    - MICR head
    - Document sensors
    - Miscellaneous hardware

    -5 44D0154 Impact platen assembly (Models 2NR)
    - Impact platen
    - Document sensors
    - Miscellaneous hardware

    -6 44D0186 Tear bar assembly
    - Tear bar
    - Stationary cutter blade

    -7 44D0187 Thermal latch assembly
    - Latch
    - Blue cover open button
    - Miscellaneous hardware

    -8 44D0189 Thermal printhead

    -9 80Y1240 Paper out sensor assembly

    -10 80Y1245 Main logic card

    -11 80Y1120 Impact printhead / carriage assembly

    -12 44D0206 Main frame assembly

    -13 44D0184 Transport motor assembly

    -14 44D0171 Flipper door, pearl white (Model 2CR)

    -14 44D0172 Flipper door, iron gray (Model 2CR)

    -14 44D0174 Flipper door, pearl white (Model 2NR) Note: Model 2NR doors have no magnet, rollers, or springs

    -14 44D0176 Flipper door, iron gray (Model 2NR) Note: Model 2NR doors have no magnet, rollers, or springs

    -15 80Y0777 Ribbon door, pearl white

    -15 80Y0778 Ribbon door, iron gray

    -16 44D0178 Ribbon drive assembly

    -17 46N2640 Thermal paper feed motor and gears

    -18 80Y1119 Upper throat assembly (Model 2NR)

    - Upper plate
    - DI roller
    - Wear plate
    - Miscellaneous hardware

    -18 80Y1118 Upper throat assembly (Model 2CR)
    - Upper plate
    - DI roller
    - Pressure pad
    - Miscellaneous hardware

    -19 44D0196 Paper stage, rollers, and lift spring

    -20 46N2639 Flipper rollers and springs

    -21 44D0195 Low-paper sensors

    -22 44D0179 Distribution card

    -23 44D0177 Flipper cartridge assembly (Model 2CR)

    -24 44D0161 Skirt, iron gray

    -25 44D0204 Ground strap

    -26 44M2417 RS-485 interface card (Japan)

    -26 44D0158 RS-232 interface card

    -26 44D0159 USB interface

    -26 44D0157 RS-485 interface card

    -26 00L8111 Ethernet interface card

    -27 44D0185 Transport shaft and adjusters:
    - Belt tensioner assembly
    - Belt tensioner spring
    - Carriage timing belt

    - 44D0198 DI and paper out sensors cable

    - 44D0197 Flipper, ribbon, transport cable

    - 44D0199 CR paper feed motor cable

    - 44D0208 Thermal head cable with clamp

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