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    4039-10R Laser Printer


    4039-10R Lexmark LaserPrinter Model 10R

    4039-10R Laser Printer
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    4039-10R+ Laser Printer
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty


    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter features the ability to add duplex capability, and broader connectivity than the 4029 series of IBM LaserPrinters. A PostScript Level 1 interpreter with 39 Type 1 outline fonts, PCL5, and true 600 x 600 dots per inch (DPI) meet user needs for broader functions as standard features on a compact desktop LaserPrinter. The 4039 LaserPrinter is designed, through integrated network adapter options, for attachment to Token-Ring and Ethernet local area networks, and networks with the Appletalk Network Interface. In addition, direct attachment, via parallel or serial, can be made to IBM Personal Computers, RISC System/6000 and Apple Workstations. The 4039 does not support PPDS.

    The Lexmark** 4039 10plus printer is a new versatile network/desktop laser printer by Lexmark for attachment to Personal Computers, and PC compatible products, RS/6000 systems, and attachment to Local Area Networks via its INA slot. The Lexmark 4039plus printer is marketed with the Lexmark logo as a Lexmark product. The Lexmark 4039 10plus has all the functions provided by the current IBM LaserPrinter 4039 plus series, with new advances.

    Model Abstract 4039-10R

    The 4039 IBM LaserPrinter Model 10R comes with 2 Mb of memory, expandable to 16Mb. The printer engine speed of the Model 10R is up to 10 pages per minute. A 250-sheet output bin is standard.


    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter printer provides the following features:

    • Hewlett-Packard (HP) LaserJet Series III(PCL5) emulation
    • PostScript Level 1 interpreter standard with 39 Type 1 outline fonts
    • High-resolution, 600x600 dot-per-inch printing with PQET
    • Duplex capability that may be added as necessary.
    • Integrated Network Adapters for Ethernet, Token Ring, and Appletalk printing


    Customer Business Solutions

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter provides computer customers with industry leading 600 x 600 DPI printing with PostScript Level 1 interpreter with 39 Type 1 outline fonts. This will improve the customer's ability to efficiently produce in-house published documents, including newsletters, brochures, presentations, and business graphics in a shared environment.

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter provides the multiple connections, high-speed parallel (standard), high-speed serial (standard), and attachment to systems or LANs (optional Integrated Network Adapters) or via the IBM 4033 LAN Connection Option for Printers and Plotters. As a result, customers will realize a high level of flexibility with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter including the ability to relocate the printer to a wide range of Workstations and Print Servers , such as IBM Personal Computers, IBM PS/2 computers and RISC System/6000 workstations, and computers compatible with IBM PCs, and networked systems. Print quality for image intensive documents is greatly enhanced through 600 x 600 DPI printing.

    The printer with integrated adapters allows you to have network location freedom. This Printers can be located in the user work area and is not required to be directly attached to the network print server. Print-job throughput may be increased because of faster communications between the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter and the Network.

    User Productivity

    Customer set-up time has been decreased and the task has been simplified with the addition of the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter to the current 4029 Printer family. Standard features include PCL5 and PostScript Level 1 interpreter plus additional printer memory that provides 600 x 600 DPI as shipped from the factory.

    Increased throughput with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter allows the customer to share this printer on a local area network with little or no impact to office Productivity.

    The expandable memory (up to 16MB) can increase productivity with improved performance achieved by facilitating scalable font cache, images, and forms stored in the printer memory.

    Automatic Emulation and Mode switching is standard in the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter Printer. This is especially important in a LAN or other shared environment.

    Installation Utility diskette with printer drivers is provided with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter printer for ease of software installation for the Average or Advanced Network administrator.

    Systems Management

    LAN file server security has been increased by removing the printer from direct attachment to the print server, allowing the server to be in a locked security area while the printer is in a more accessible setting.

    Investment Protection

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter printer is upgradeable with some of the options and features of the other printers in the IBM LaserPrinter family. The 4039 has expandable memory to 16MB, an optional duplex feature, various paper trays, all of which provide the ability to expand the 4039's function and useability.

    With IBM 4039 LaserPrinter supporting Novell** NetWare** 2.2 and 3.11 with Token-Ring (IEEE 802.5) and Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet II) protocols, customers can now direct attach printers and plotters to their current networks.

    Business Solution

    Customer can add The 4039 printer to their existing Novell NetWare Server or networks as their printing needs increase. Additional LAN print servers may not be required with this increase in the customer's print requirements. With the removal of printer from the file server, server security has been increased. File servers can now be maintained in a locked (secure) area. The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter offers performance advantages over the traditional approach of sharing printers attached to file servers, dedicated personal computer print servers, or attached to an individual user's workstation.

    Growth Enablement

    As with the current 4029 Series Printers, the new IBM 4039 LaserPrinter Printer May be tailored to the customers current and future environment needs by the addition of customer-installable options. Available features are:

    • Envelope+ feeder
    • 100-Sheet Auxiliary feeder
    • Optional paper trays
    • Integrated Network Adapters
    • Additional memory options
    • Additional Flash memory options
    • Font Card Adapter
    • Field Upgradable Machine Code

    Customer Systems Management/Systems Handling

    With PostScript Level 1 interpreter as a standard feature the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter printer will be supported by many PostScript Level 1 language applications. Thus, customers will be able to choose from over 600 PostScript Level 1 language application software packages which take advantage of the attributes of the PostScript Level 1 page description language.

    The 4039 offers Print Quality Enhancement Technology PQET for extremely sharp text and graphics and can print on a variety of paper types and sizes as well as on transparencies and labels.

    Software Compatibility

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter has been tested for software compatibility by IBM for IBM logo software or by the non-IBM software publishers for non-IBM logo software. These tests form the basis for the compatibility results indicated. The testing was done using the currently available version of the software package at the time of testing, or the specific version indicated. Compatibility may not be the same for all versions.

    Each of the application software products was tested on one or more members of the IBM Personal Computer family. All applications were not tested with every IBM Personal Computer model, but due to compatibility within the IBM Personal Computer family, similar results may be expected for each IBM Personal Computer or Personal System/2 models on which the application operates.

    Warranties and Representations

    Representations relating to software compatibility with IBM printers are provided to IBM by various software publishers. The software publishers should be contacted directly for specific questions. Programs bearing the IBM trademark are subject to the warranty and disclaimer provisions of the IBM PROGRAM LICENSE AGREEMENT.

    With respect to non-IBM logo software, warranty, if any, is provided by the software publisher. IF DISTRIBUTED BY IBM, THESE PROGRAMS ARE DISTRIBUTED ON AN "AS IS" BASIS. IBM MAKES NO WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Address any questions pertaining to warranty coverage for non-IBM logo software to the relevant software publisher.

    With respect to non-IBM logo software distributed by the software vendor to a non-IBM supplier, disclaimer and warranties are as specified by those parties. Please contact the nearest IBM Authorized Dealer, your IBM Marketing Representative, or software publisher for additional information concerning compatibility.

    IBM LaserPrinter 4039 Compatibility with non-IBM Computer Systems

    The compatibility information Presented below is intended to give general guidelines for the attachment of IBM printers to selected non - IBM computer systems. The IBM printer implements IBM's version of the parallel interface or RS-232 serial interface. IBM has performed limited tests of the IBM printers and the non - IBM computer systems using the appropriate cables and DOS print facilities. There were no problems noted attributable to interface differences.

    The only way to insure satisfactory results is for the user to test the specific printer, computer, and software combination against desired results.



                                              PARALLEL     SERIAL
    -------- ------
    CompaqR DeskProR C S
    CompaqR DeskPro 286/eTM C C
    CompaqR DeskPro 386R C C
    CompaqR DeskPro 386/20eTM C C
    CompaqR DeskPro 386/sTM C C
    CompaqR Portable Computer C C
    CompaqR Protable IIR C C
    CompaqR Portable 386R C C
    CompaqR SLT/286TM C C
    EpsonR EquityTM I C C
    EpsonR EquityTM II+ C C
    EpsonR EquityTM III C S

    C - Compatible
    S - Did not recognize printer powered off

    This product utilizes the security and auditability features of host hardware, host software, and/or application software.

    Model Description 4039-10R

    The 4039 IBM LaserPrinter Model 10R comes with a 200 sheet (20 lb) automatic sheet feeder, a 250 sheet output tray, and a manual feed tray, as standard. The Model 10R also offers a 130-Sheet Duplex Option (will accept legal or letter size paper), and a 500-Sheet Second Drawer (letter and legal)

    The 4039 IBM LaserPrinter Model 10R comes standard from the factory with the following features installed: 2 MByte of printer memory, PostScript Level 1 interpreter with 39 Fonts PCL5 Printer Emulation for 100% Plug and Play with HPIIIsi, auto Emulation switching, and Integrated Network Slots for Network Connectivity.

    A 10 PPM laser printer with a 16.0 Mhz and 29200 microprocessor, 1 font cartridge slot, 2 emulation option connectors, auto-paper size sensing, 200-sheet Input standard, 600 DPI resolution PostScript Level 1 language capability, PQET hardware, 250 sheet output tray. Face-up or collated output is provided.


    Model Summary Matrix

    Expandable Duty
    Model DPI Throughput Memory Cycle
    ------ ----- ---------- ----------- ----------
    10R 600 X 600 Up to 10 ppm Up to 16MB Up to 25,000pages/mo


    Not available.

    Customer Setup (CSU)

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter is a customer set up (CSU) printer. The CSU information is contained in the Getting Started manual which is supplied with the printer in the National language.

    All proposals and agreements to distribute the product/software package to the United States Government must identify and license Software as subject to Restricted Rights under 48 C.F.R. 52.227-19 (a)-(d) (Civilian Agencies) or 48 C.F.R. 252.227-7013 (c) (1) (ii) (Defense Agencies).

    Devices Supported

    Not available.

    Model Conversions


    National Language Support

    Not available.

    Technical Description

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter will print at maximum rated engine speeds for 8 1/2" x 11" pages in 300 DPI print resolution:

    • IBM LaserPrinter 10R- Up to 10 PPM (printing only one side)
    and is a medium duty printer with the following maximum duty cycle:

    • IBM LaserPrinter 10R - Up to 25,000 pages per month (printing one side only)

    Standard outline fonts are:

    • Courier
    • Times Roman
    • Helvetica
    • Helvetica Narrow
    • ITC Avant Garde Gothic
    • ITC Bookman
    • New Century Schoolbook
    • Palatino
    • ITC Zapf

    Print quality enhancement technology (PQET), a user friendly 4x20 character LCD operator panel, multiple resolution print quality capabilities, 300 DPI and 600 DPI standard and versatile paper handling options are some of the basic functions of the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter.

    The IBM LaserPrinter 4039 Model 10R Series Printer is an additional product to the IBM 4029 LaserPrinter Series family.

       Maximum Print Engine Speed  Up to 10 PPM
    Processor Speed 29200 /16 Mhz
    Envelope Conditioning no

    As was IBM 4029 Laser Printer, the IBM LaserPrinter 4039 Series is designed for attachment to small business and personal computer systems. They are capable of printing on a variety of paper types and sizes, transparencies, and other supplies designed for use with laser printers. These supplies can be automatically fed from a built in 200 sheet paper tray or manually fed from the rear of the printer. Optional paper handling includes:

    • 500-Sheet secondary paper tray
    • 130-Sheet Duplex option, and automatic envelope feeder
    • A 100-sheet auxiliary paper and transparency feeder


    All IBM LaserPrinter 4039 Series have support for Three emulations/modes:

    • PostScript Level 1 emulation
    • HP emulation mode supporting PCL5
    • IBM-GL Plotter data stream

    All models provide all of the standard features of the IBM 4039. Additionally, the following enhancements are included as standard features on all models except where noted.

    • Outline font technology from PostScript Level 1 emulation
    • An 4x20 LCD operator panel with user friendly interface
    • Hardware DMA link
    • Paper size sensors in both primary and secondary paper trays to provide automatic paper setup
    • Enhancement to EP process allows optimal printing on rough paper
    • New power supply and operating point allow for higher quality low voltage printing
    • Power saver mode to fix light flickering problems
    • Paper tray linkage for larger paper source
    • Mixed orientation on the same page
    • LPP and LPI is selectable from the operator panel
    • 80-column at 10 CPI on A4 paper
    • A separate Serial and Parallel Port
    • Print time out feature
    • Two memory expansion slots total possible 16.0 MBytes
    • 200-240 Volts 50-60 Hertz power supply for EMEA

    Physical Specifications

    IBM LaserPrinter 10R
    Base Printer Maximum Featured Notes
    ---------------------------- -------------------- -----
    Width 378 mm (14.9 inches) 378 mm (14.9 inches)
    Depth 533 mm (21.0 inches) 872 mm (34.3 inches) 2
    Height 299 mm (11.8 in) 425 mm (16.7 in) 1
    Weight 18.2 kg (40.0 lb) 23.7 kg (52 lb) 3

    Note: 1) The printer is at maximum height when it is equipped
    with the optional 500-Sheet Second Drawer.
    2) The printer is at maximum depth, when it has both the
    front exit tray and the optional Envelope+ Feeder
    3) Weight without paper.

    * Duty cycle of 10R - up to 25,000 pages per month
    (all pages printed on one side only)
    * Acoustics:
    50 dBA printing
    33 dBA idle
    * Operating Clearance:
    The printer requires 152 mm (6.0 inches) on all four sides
    and 305 mm (12.0 inches on top for proper operation.

    Electrical Specification

    Description Line Voltage
    ----------- ------------------
    Low Voltage 100V-127V, 50/60Hz


    U/L, CSA, FCC(B)

    Printer Specifications

    Maximum print rate

    Rated print engine speed for 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper
    at 300 x 300 DPI print resolution:
    IBM LaserPrinter: Up to 10 PPM
    Rated print engine speed for 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper
    at 600 x 600 DPI print resolution:
    IBM LaserPrinter: Up to 8 PPM

    Addressability: Dots per inch (horizontal and vertical)

       300 x 300 dots per inch, with PQET
    600 x 600 dots per inch, with PQET

    Printer warm-up time is less than 35 seconds

    Minimum time to first page (after warm-up time):

     279.4 mm (11 in) page from primary paper tray      20.0 seconds
    279.4 mm (11 in) page from optional Second Drawer 21.0 seconds
    Envelope from optional envelope feeder 19.5 seconds
    Paper from 100-sheet auxiliary feeder 19.5 seconds

    Minimum time between subsequent 297.4 mm (11 in) pages is:

      IBM 4039 LaserPrinter                         6.0 seconds

    Print Cartridge

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter comes with an installed "clean-hands" Long Life cartridge which yields an average of 10,000 pages at 2.8% page coverage (7,000 pages at 5% page coverage).

    Stationery Supplies Specifications

    • Paper:

      • Manual feed:
        • Width: 76.2 to 215.9 mm (3.0 to 8.5 in)
        • Length: 150.0 to 355.6 mm (5.9 to 14 in)
        • Weight: 75 grams per square meter (g/sqm) to 285 g/sqm (20 to 175 lb)
        • Thickness: 0.086 to 0.191 mm (0.0034 to 0.0075 in)
      • Automatic feed:
        • Width: 148 to 215.9 mm (5.83 to 8.5 in)
        • Length: 210 to 355.6 mm (8.27 to 14 in)
        • Weight: 60 to 90 g/sqm (16 to 24 lb)
        • Thickness: 0.086 to 0.107 mm (0.0034 to 0.0042 in)

      Recycled paper less then 80 g/sqm is not recommended for this printer

    • Envelopes:

      • Manual feed:
        • Width: 92.1 to 215.9 mm (3.625 to 8.5 in)
        • Length: 190.5 to 355.6 mm (7.5 to 14 in)
        • Weight: 75 to 105 g/sqm (20 to 28 lb)
      • Automatic feed:
        • Width: 76 to 216 mm (3 to 8.5 in)
        • Length: 190.5 to 356.0 mm (7.5 to 14 in)
        • Weight: 75 to 90 g/sqm (20 to 24 lb)
    • Transparencies:
      • Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm) and Letter (215.9 x 279.4 mm)
      • Weight: 138 to 146 g/sqm (37 to 39 lb)
      • Thickness: 0.099 to 0.109 mm (0.0039 to 0.0043 in)
    • Labels:
      • Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm) and Letter (215.9 x 279.4 mm)
      • Sheet weight: 135 +/-10 g/sqm (36 +/-3 lb)
      • Sheet thickness: 0.135 +/-0.01 mm(0.0053 +/-0.0004 in)

    500 Sheet Second Drawer Physical Description

    • Height: 155 mm (6.1 in)
    • Width: 360 mm (14.2 in)
    • Depth: 400 mm (15.7 in)
    • Weight: 2.3 kg (5 lb) (without paper tray); 4.1 kg (9 lb) (with letter-size paper tray); 4.5 kg (9.8 lb) (with legal-size paper tray)

    Envelope+ Feeder Physical Description

    • Height: 114 mm (4.5 in)
    • Width: 312 mm (12.3 in)
    • Depth: 330 mm (13 in)
    • Weight: 1.4 g (3 lb)

    100-Sheet Auxiliary Feeder Physical Description

    • Height: 114 mm (4.5 in)
    • Width: 312 mm (12.3 in)
    • Depth: 330 mm (13 in)
    • Weight: 1.4 g (3 lb)

    Paper and Supply Capacities

      Available Paper Trays/Feeders                    Feature Number
    ----------------------------------------------- --------------
    500-Sheet Letter/A4 Tray #5837
    Letter, A4, and Executive paper
    500-Sheet Legal Tray #5831
    Legal, Letter, A4, and Executive paper
    200-Sheet A5 Tray #3376
    Supports paper size 148 x 210mm(5.83 x 8.27in)
    100-Sheet Auxiliary Feeder #3966
    Letter, A4, and Executive paper
    Envelope+ Feeder #3151
    Envelope Sizes
    7.75, 9, 10, DL, C5, B5/ISO
    130-Sheet Duplex Paper Tray (Extra Tray) #6191
    Legal, Letter, A4, and Executive paper

    • Input capacities:
     -----------------  ----------  ------------   --------------------
    Letter/A4 Paper 20 mm 200 sheets @
    75 g/sqm (20 lb)
    Transparency 6 mm 55 transparencies
    Legal Tray Paper 50 mm 500 sheets @
    75 g/sqm (20 lb)
    A5 Paper Tray Paper 20 mm 200 sheets @
    90 g/sqm
    100-Sheet Paper 10 mm 100 sheets @
    Auxiliary Feeder 75g/sqm (20 lb)
    Transparancy 3 mm 25 sheets
    Envelope+ Feeder Envelopes 55 mm 75 envelopes @
    75g/sqm (20 lb)
    Duplex Tray Paper 13 mm 130 sheets @
    75g/sqm (20 lb)

    • Output capacities of the IBM LaserPrinter 4039
     Exit            Item            Capacity
    -------------- -------------- -----------------------------
    Top Tray Paper 250 sheets @ 75 g/sqm (20 lb)
    Transparency 100 transparencies
    Envelopes 50 envelopes
    Front Tray Paper 20 sheets @ 75 g/sqm (20 lb)
    Transparency 10 transparencies
    Envelopes 5 envelopes

    Operating Environment

    The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter printer is designed to operate within the IBM Class 'B' environment, as defined by the following:

    • Temperature - 15.6 to 32.2C (60 to 90F)
    • Relative humidity - 8 to 80 (percent)
    • Wet bulb - 22.8C (73F) maximum
    • Altitude - 0 to 2,250 meters

    Some reduction in print quality may occur at the extremes of this operating environment.


    • Printer performance

      The IBM 4039 LaserPrinter has a maximum rated print engine speed of up to 10 PPM. Print Speed is reduced to up to 8 PPM when printing in 600 DPI Mode. As is the case with most page printers in this class, performance depends on the following:

      • Interface to host (parallel and serial, IBM 4039 LaserPrinter 10R only)
      • Interface to host (LocalTalk, IBM 4039 LaserPrinter 10R only)
      • Host system and application
      • Complexity and content of the page, and paper size
      • Available memory
    • Software Compatibility

      IBM Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS) is not supported.

    • Stationery supplies

      Due to the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter's printing technology, the stationery supplies designed for use with the xerographic copiers should provide satisfactory print quality and feed reliability. Other types of supplies may be suitable for use with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter. It is recommended that the users test any particular brand for suitability to their applications. Refer to the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter 10R User's Guide for complete details on stationery supply specifications.

      • Papers
        • Maximum length is 355.6 mm (14 in)
        • Minimum length is 150.0 mm (5.9 in)
        • Maximum width is 215.9 mm (8.5 in)
        • Minimum width is 76.2 mm (3.0 in)

        The following may cause unacceptable results:

        • Rough, highly textured, limp, or precurled papers will result in lower print quality and more frequent paper feed failures.
        • Colored papers must be able to withstand 197C (386F) fusing temperature.
        • Preprinted forms and letterheads should be selected using guidelines found in the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter 10R User's Guide. The chemical process used in preprinting may render some papers unsuitable for use with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter.
        • Unsuitable papers include multipart forms and documents, chemically treated papers, coated, synthetic and thermal papers, and preprinted papers requiring high degree of registration.
        • Recycled paper less then 80 g/sqm may cause unacceptable results.
      • Envelopes

        All envelopes should be new, unused, and without package damage. Envelopes with excessive curl or twist exceeding 6 mm, those stuck together, those with bent corners or nicked edges, or those that interlock, should not be used.

        • Maximum length is 355.6 mm (14 in)
        • Minimum width is 76.2 mm (3 in)
        • Minimum weight is 75 g/sqm (20 lb)
        • Envelopes less than 220 mm (8.678 in) may experience degraded print or skew when fed automatically.
        • Envelopes made of heavier papers may require use of the front paper exit.

        The following envelopes should not be used:

        • Envelopes with windows, holes, perforations, cutouts, or deep embossing
        • Envelopes with metal clasps, string ties, or metal folding bars
        • Envelopes with exposed flap adhesive when the flap is in the closed position.

        Under high humidity conditions (over 65%) the envelopes may be sealed during printing.

      • Transparencies and labels

        Many transparencies specifically designed for xerographic copy machines may be used with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter.

        Most labels specifically designed for xerographic copiers or laser printers may be used with the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter. Labels should be selected using guidelines found in "IBM LaserPrinter Label and Heavyweight Paper Guide" P/N 1058248.

        • Maximum size is A4.
        • Some brands may require manual feeding.

        The use of vinyl or polyester labels is not recommended. Use of these labels may lead to print quality problems, and may result in damage to your printer.

      • Card Stock

        Feeding of card stock from the 200-sheet paper tray is not recommended.

    • Paper feeding

      Either the manual input paper tray, the optional Envelope+ feeder, or the 100-Sheet Auxiliary feeder must always be installed on the printer to prevent light reaching the print cartridge, which results in degraded print quality.

    • Fuser

      The fuser wiper must be installed in the printer for proper operation and reliable print quality.

    • Display attachment Laserprinter 4039

      When attached as an emulated device, full function of the printer is not supported. Functions such as Page Rotation, Font Selection, CPI, LPI, superscript/subscript, and so on may not be supported. Refer to the "Connecting IBM Personal Printers to IBM Systems" manual for attachment information.

    • Print Area

      IBM 4039 LaserPrinter printable area is limited to within 4.2 mm (0.167 inches) of the top and bottom edge and to within 6.25 mm (0.25 inches) from the left or right edge of the media. Any information placed within this area will not print (except for A4). For A4 paper, the information is adjusted to fit 80 characters per line at 10 characters per inch.

    Hardware Requirements

    Attachment Information

    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter Interface Information

    The interface selection is made via the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter 10R operator panel.

    • High-Speed Parallel Interface

      This interface is used for attachment to a compatible system which supports the same 8 bit interface and commands. This interface is also commonly referred to as Centronics parallel and is capable of receiving data up to 150 K bytes per second. The factory default of the printer is the parallel interface.

    • High-Speed Serial Interface

      This interface is used for attachment to an IBM Personal Computer or a non-IBM personal computer which supports the same interface and commands. It is also used for attachment to some systems. DTR/DSR, DTR and XON/XOFF protocols are supported. This interface supports data transmission rates up to 38,400bps. When the serial interface is selected the factory defaults are 9600 bps baud rate, DTR protocol, 8 data bits, and no parity.

    • IBM 4039 LaserPrinter supports the following LAN interfaces.
      • Ethernet IEEE 802.3 10Base2 and 10Base5
        • 10BaseT
        • 10Base2 - IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet II
        • 10Base5 - IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet II
      • Token-Ring IEEE 802.5 4/16 Megabit/second data rate
      • AppleTalk

    Software Requirements

    Not available.

    Electronic Customer Support

    Not available.


    The following publications are shipped with the product:

              Title                  Order Number   Part Number
    ----------------------------- ------------ -----------
    User's Kit for the SB0F-4337 1325313
    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter
    Getting Started with the SA40-0736 1325314
    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter
    Options Installation for the SA40-0737 1325315
    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter
    User's Guide for the SA40-0739 1325316
    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter
    Technical Reference for the SA40-0740 1325320
    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter
    Software Application/Driver SA40-0730 1328691
    Information for the
    IBM 4039 LaserPrinter

    Features -- Specify/Special/Exchange

    No Charge Specify Codes


    Special Feature Codes -- Chargeable

    • 500 Sheet Second Drawer (#5836, #5830)

      The second drawer provides an alternate automatic paper feed source. It is installed at the base of the machine. It comes with a 500 sheet letter-size paper tray (#5837) or a 500 sheet legal size paper tray (5831).

      Printer height is increased by 127mm (5 inches)

      Linking of the primary paper feed and this feature is supported via the front panel and datastream commands.

      Only one Second Drawer can be installed on the printer.

      This feature is field installable.

      Customer Set-up: Yes.

    • Paper Trays

      Optional paper trays provide customers with ability to have two different sizes or types of stationery available in the printer.

      • Letter-size 500-Sheet (#5837)
      • Legal-size 500-Sheet (#5831)
      • A5-size 200-Sheet (#3376)

      #5837 Standard sizes supported: Letter, A4, B5, Executive Maximum paper size 215.9 x 297.18 mm (8.5 x 11.7 in)

      #5831 Standard sizes supported: Legal, Letter, A4, B5, Executive Maximum paper size 215.9 x 355.6 mm (8.5 x 14 in)

      #3376 Standard size supported: A5 Only supports paper size 148 x 210 mm (5.83 x 8.27 in). Only 90g/sqm paper is supported

    • Duplex Option (#6072)

      The Duplex Option provides the capability to print and collate double-sided pages through the PostScript Level 1, 2, and PCL5 data streams. The Duplex Option comes with a 14" special paper tray that allows duplexing from the standard paper tray location. Due to the design of this tray, input paper capacity is reduced to 130 sheets. This feature is portable and interchangable with other IBM 4039 LaserPrinter.

    • Duplex Paper Tray (Extra Tray) (#6191)

      Simplifies the process of changing from one type paper to another. Rather than removing the paper from the tray in use and replacing it with another type paper, a simple change of paper trays accomplishes the task.

    • Flash Memory (#8585, #8586)

      Flash Memory provides the ability to store download fonts and macros, and change the contents as needed. Since there is only one slot available for these features, only one of the features can be installed at a time.

    • PCL5 Scalable Font Cards (#9153, #9154, #9155)

      Each card contains the more popular fonts for the applications indicated, i.e., Publications (#9153), 25 fonts, Presentations (#9154), 26 fonts, and Wordprocessing (#9155), 26 fonts. A Font Card Adapter, part number 1325231, feature code 5231, is required to support any of these Scaleable Font Card options.

    • Font Card Adapter (#5231)

      To be used with PCL4 and PCL5 emulation font cards for IBM LaserPrinters.

    • Envelope+ Feeder (#3151)

      Envelope+ Feeder is installed in the back of the machine, in place of the manual input tray. It allows the customer to automatically feed envelopes to be printed. Its capacity is approximately 75 envelopes of 75 g/sqm (20 lb) stock.

      With this feature installed, the height is increased by 61 mm (2.4 in) and depth by 147 mm (5.8 in)

      In relative humidity of 65% or higher, envelope flaps may seal.

      Manual input tray must be removed if Envelope Feeder is used.

      Only one Envelope+ Feeder can be installed on the printer. The Envelope+ Feeder and the Auxiliary Feeder are mutually exclusive of each other.

      This feature is field installable.

      Customer Set-up: Yes.

    • Auxiliary Feeder (#3966)

      The Auxiliary Feeder is installed in the back of the machine, in place of the manual input tray. It provides the customer an additional paper source to the standard tray or the second drawer. It is capable of feeding paper and transparencies. Its capacity is approximately 100 sheets of 75 g/sqm (20 lb) stock.

      With this feature installed, the height is increased by 61 mm (2.4 in) and depth by 147 mm (5.8 in)

      Manual input tray must be removed if Auxiliary feeder is used.

      Only one Auxiliary Feeder can be installed on the printer. The Auxiliary Feeder and the Envelope+ Feeder are mutually exclusive of each other.

      This feature is field installable.

      Customer Set-up: Yes.

    • Memory Options

      Memory Options extend IBM 4039 LaserPrinter user memory. Since there are only two slots available for memory, only two memory cards can be installed at a time. The two available slots include the slot occupied by what has been described as standard for the IBM 4039 LaserPrinter.

      Printer memory can be expanded up to 16MByte.

      The following are offered:

      • 2 MByte (#8589)
      • 4 MByte (#8363)
      • 8 MByte (#8365)
    • Integrated Network Options (#5496, #5495, #5497)

      The Integrated Network Option directly attaches the printer to Token-Ring or Ethernet Local Area Networks, using Novell NetWare, AIX OS/2* Lan Server, or Microsoft LAN Manager operating systems.

    • Integrated Network Option(#5494)

      The LocalTalk Network Option directly attaches the printer to Apple computers or an Apple AppleTalk network.

    These features are field installable.

    Customer Set-up: Yes.

    The following features are also offered:

    Description                                   Feature     Part #
    -------------------------------------------- ------- -----------
    Upgrade Kit for 4039 10R/10D FC 6307 P/N 1376307
    Upgrade Kit for 4039 12R/12L FC 6308 P/N 1376308
    Upgrade Kit for 4039 16L FC 6309 P/N 1376309
    TCP/IP Host Support for IBM AIX/6000* FC 9708 P/N 1329708
    TCP/IP Host Support for SunOS** and
    Sun Polaris** FC 9712 P/N 1329712
    INA XL TokenRing FC 9965 P/N 1329965
    INA XL 10Base-T Ethernet FC 9970 P/N 1329970
    INA XL 10Base2 Ethernet FC 9975 P/N 1329975
    Upgrade Kit (1) FC 9980 P/N 1329980

    (1) Kit to add NT and Apple TokenTalk**/Ethertalk** to feature code
    5495, 5496, and 5497 built prior to 11/29/93.

    Feature Exchanges

    Not available.


    Printer Attach Cables IBM 4039 LaserPrinter

          IBM PC parallel attach cable        #5612   (P/N 1525612)
    Serial interface cable #6031 (P/N 8509386)
    (6.1m / 20 ft)
    Serial interface cable #8693 (P/N 1038693)
    (15.25m / 50ft)
    Serial adapter connector #0242 (P/N 6450242)
    (required for attachment
    to PC/ATs)
    IBM PC serial attach cable * #6685 (P/N 6486685)

    * For serial attachment to PC/AT a 9 to 25 pin adaptor,
    part number 6450242, feature code 0242, is required.

    A LocalTalk** cabling system consists of the following:

    • LocalTalk compatible connector box (for the printer connection)
    • LocalTalk compatible connector box (for the Macintosh connection)
    • LocalTalk compatible cable to connect the two (2) LocalTalk connector boxes

    Note: LocalTalk cables are not included with the Localtalk Integrated Network Adapter (INA).

    Downloadable Fonts: Fonts available on diskettes. Refer to the Special Features section for description, and F/C listing.

    Customer Replacement Parts


    Machine Elements



    None required with the machine order.


    Three 3.5" low density diskettes are included and contain the following information:

    • Installation Utility and Toolkit
    • The LaserDriver DOS utility which can be used to send printer definition commands from the PC.
    • Resource Manager utility which controls download of fonts and forms to the printer (IBM OS/2 only).
    • Application Drivers


    (R), (TM), * Trademark or registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

    ** Company, product, or service name may be a trademark or service mark of others.

    Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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