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    IPA LAN IPDS Print Server


    IPALAN/ IPATXIPDS Print Server

    The IPA LAN is a multi-protocol ethernet print server with full support for IPDS/AFP over TCP/IP, utilizing the PPR/PPD printing protocol.

    The IPA LAN attaches to the parallel input of any PCL-5 compatible printer, and is guaranteed to run at the rated speed of the printer. Even complex IPDS print jobs are processed at over 90 pages/min.

    Tray and bin mapping guarantees compatibility with any model laser printer on the market. The IPA LAN also supports custom forms sizes for compatibility with all continuous forms laser printers.

    Configuration is easy using the front panel display and keypad or by using a standard Web browser.

    Ordering Information:

    • IPA LANEthernet 10baseT IPDS Print Server
    • IPA TXTwinax IPDS Connectivity
    • PC-share parallel input
    • Display showsIPDSwhen IPDS service is active
    • WebXAdmin built in Utility for management with any web browser
    • NetWare, TCP/IP, DLC/LLC, NetBEUI, and AppleTalk protocols for support on almost any network
    • XAdmin Windows 95/98/NT utility for easy setup of the print server
    • Compatible with Hewlett-Packard's JetAdmin and Web JetAdmin printer managment software
    • IP Address configuration via arp, rarp, BOOTP, DHCP, TROY XCD XAdmin utility, Netware, DEC MOP, or HP JetAdmin utility
    • Remote console accessible via TELNET, NetWare, or WebXAdmin.
    • JetStatus feature for remote monitoring of printer status
    • SNMP support over IP and IPX; MIB I & II
    • Configurable TCP port numbers on a per-service basis
    • Very high performance architecture
    • Flash memory for easy firmware updates from almost any host
    • Multiple services per port
    • lpd-Plus feature for controlling job setup and reset
    • Programmable character string conversion

    • AppleTalk binary mode support

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