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    Intermate AT/iop


    Intermate A/T IOP2

    Internal adapter for For Lexmark Printers

    Coax/Twinax adapter for Mainframe and AS/400

    The Intermate A/T IOP2 interface is optimized for use with any Lexmark Optra series printer based on the 32-bit PCI technology. The A/T IOP2 provides high-speed printing of SCS printing from 3270 and 5250 environments. Emulations such as 3812-01 support advanced word processing capabilities on AS/400 and cover any printer emulation for including GDDM and color support on an IBM mainframe.

    The SCS adapter will automatically transform into a high-speed AFP/IPDS interface when the Intermate IPDS SIMM is installed in the printer.

    High speed SCS printing
    AFP/IPDS printing when the optional IPDS SIMM is installed
    Optimized for use with any Lexmark Optra series printer (based on the 32-bit PCI technology)

    Technical Specifications
    Printers Supported
    Lexmark Optra M410

    Optra T


    Optra S

    Optra Se

    Optra SC

    Optra K

    Optra Color 1200

    Optra Color 45 series.

    Ordering Information
    24900: Intermate A/T IOP2 with Coax and Twinax DB9 connector and serial upgrade/configuration cable.

    Host Attachments 3270 Coax:
    3174 Control Unit 3274 Control Unit 9370 WSA Control Unit ES/9000 WorkStation Subsystem Controller 3174 compatible control units.

    5250 Twinax:
    AS/400 Twinaxial Workstation Controllers AS/400 Advanced System/36 Twinaxial Workstation Controllers 5294, 5394 or 5494 Remote Control Unit

    SCS Emulations 3270 Coax:
    GDDM COR/APO SCS (LU1) and 3270 datastream (LU3) Extended Attribute Buffer (EAB) APL2 RPQ's for 3287, 3268 and 4214
    Structured fields and query Draft, NLQ and LQ modes 3 bin paper input Color Euro Support

    5250 Twinax:
    SCS/DCA L2 data stream incl. PPM commands multiple drawer input, output stacker and duplex COR/APO IBM font selection incl. Proportional fonts IBM Virtual Transparency Euro Support

    User Configurable SCS feature EBCDIC character conversion SCS command conversion Text string conversion Native and other 3rd party ASCII transparent modes EBCDIC Hexdump Restore factory defaults

    General Hardware Features Intel i960 Processor at 16 MHz with 4 MIPS Performance 128 Kbytes RAM 512 Kbyte Flash Memory for Microcode

    Approvals EMC: CE: EN55022 Class B 1994 EN50082-1 1997 FCC Class A Year 2000 prepared

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