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    Lexmark Optra 1200 Printer


    Optra 1200 Color Laser (5050-001, 11F0000)
    Optra 1200n Color Laser (5050-N01, 11F0001)


    • Color LED, four color in-line print process (CMYK)
    • Up to 12 ppm color or monochrome
    • High-performance 200 MHz NEC Vr 5000 (64 bit) RISC processor
    • Level 2 cache for high speed controller performance
    • PostScript Level 2
    • PCL 5 with color emulation
    • PCL XL emulations standard (mono)
    • Drivers for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, OS/2, UNIX, Macintosh (networked model only)
    • Web servers supported:
      • Netscape Enterprise Server 2.0 or higher
      • Netscape FastTrack Server 2.0 or higher
      • Netscape Communications Server 1.2 or higher
      • Sun WebServer 1.0
      • Any http 1.0 compliant server, such as Apache
    • Browser software supported:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95/98 3.01, 4.0x
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows NT 3.01, 4.0x
      • Netscape Navigator for Windows 95/98 3.01, 4.0x
      • Netscape Navigator for Windows NT 3.01, 4.0x
      • Netscape Navigator for UNIX 3.0x, 4.x
    Print Quality
    • True 600 x 600 dpi
    • 1200 Image Quality
    • Color control: Color match to your preferences; select Vivid mode to brighten colors or Display Match mode to simulate the colors on your screen Color management profiles for Windows ICM, Apple ColorSync 2.0, Agfa FotoTune and PANTONE-CALIBRATED solid color simulations, PostScript Level 2 device-independent color support
    • Optra Color 1200: 32MB standard, 128MB maximum
    • Optra Color 1200nl: 32MB standard, 128MB maximum
    • Optra Color 1200n: 64MB standard, 128MB maximum
    Paper Handling
    • Optra Color 1200: 250 + 100/250, optional two 250-sheet input drawers
    • Optra Color 1200nl: 250 + 100/250, optional two 250-sheet input drawers
    • Optra Color 1200n: 250 + 250 + 100/250, optional 250-sheet input drawer
    • High-Speed Bidirectional Parallel Port (IEEE 1284 ECP compliant)
    • Ethernet 100Base TX/10BaseT standard on Optra Color 1200nl and Optra Color 1200n (occupies one of the two Internal Solutions Ports)
    • Two Internal Solutions Ports which support the following options:
      • MarkNet? S Ethernet (10BaseT/10Base2), Ethernet (10BaseT/100BaseTX), or Token Ring (4/16 Mbps) internal print servers for simultaneous support of over 30 network environments, including Microsoft? Windows NT? Novell? Netware? (including full NDS support), IBM OS/2 Warp (LAN) Server, UNIX, TCP/IP and AppleTalk
      • Tri-Port Adapter with concurrent support for serial RS-232C/RS-422, LocalTalk and Infrared Twinax/Coax solutions for direct attachment to IBM 3720 and 5250 environments (SCS) 1284C parallel port option (includes 1284 A to C cable)
    • Inbound fax-ready by attaching third party fax modem via Tri-Port option
    • MarkNet Pro family of external print servers
    • MarkNet S and MarkNet Pro adapters support Novell (IPX/SPX), AppleTalk (EtherTalk and TokenTalk), TCP/IP and LexLink (DLC/LLC) protocols
    • To assist in setup, the MarkVision Printer Management Utilities are recommended
    • MarkVision Printer Management Utility includes support for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, OS/2 Warp, Mac OS, Sun Solaris and many UNIX systems
    • Web browser-based intranet and Internet printer management
    • Job statistics storable on optional hard disk
    • Lexmark Print Management Services for installing Microsoft Small Business Server environments
    • The Solaris Ready model includes MarkVision for Sun Systems and Intranet Servers. The Solaris Ready logo indicates that the product has passed Sun's standards for reliability, integration, and ease-of-installation.
    • Requirements for Plug and Print in MarkVision for Sun Solaris operating systems include:
      • TCP/IP network
      • DHCP server that supports and can use "Vendor Specific Option 190"
      • DNS support for IP host name resolution
      • Lexmark MarkNet Pro or MarkNet S print server with firmware version x.8.19 or later
      • One or more MarkVision servers
    MarkNet Protocols and Network Operating System Support
    • Not Applicable
    Management and Control
    • Not Applicable
    Font Selection
    • 75 scalable fonts (PostScript Level 2, PCL)
    • 2 PCL bitmapped fonts (POSTNET and Line Printer)
    • 78 symbol sets, including Latin 1, Latin 2, Latin 5, Latin 6, Cyrillic and Greek
    Maximum Print Line
    • Length: 16.67" (423mm)
    • Width: 11.46" (288mm)
    Usability Features
    • Manual duplex support for printing on both sides of paper
    • Multi-up printing selectable from operator panel or printer driver
    • Single-job cancel removes single print job without affecting other jobs in queue
    • Web browser support to check printer menu settings remotely
    • Printer Status Window (Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 printer drivers) provides remote user view of configuration and status
    • Online technical support directly accessible at Lexmark's Support
    Environmental Features
    • Energy Star compliant
    • Power Saver mode
    • Toner Saver mode for reduced toner cartridge
    • Optra Color 1200:
      • 21.85" W x 26.38" D x 11.93" H (555mm x 670mm x 303mm)
      • 112 lbs (51 kg)
    • Optra Color 1200nl:
      • 21.85" W x 26.38" D x 11.93" H (555mm x 670mm x 303mm)
      • 112 lbs (51 kg)
    • Optra Color 1200n:
      • 21.85" W x 26.38" D x 15.8" H (555mm x 670mm x 401/3mm)
      • 138.4 lbs (63 kg)
    • Rear exit tray, optional input drawers and multipurpose tray increase height or depth
    • 50 dBA (operating)
    • 42 dBA (standby)
    • 35 dBA (idle)
    • Lexmark recommends an IEEE-1284 compliant parallel cable
    • Optional 10-foot Parallel Cable (p/n 1329605)
    • Optional 20-foot Parallel Cable (p/n 1427498)
    • Magenta Cartridge: 6,500 pages (p/n 12A1451)
    • Cyan Cartridge: 6,500 pages (p/n 12A1452)
    • Yellow Cartridge: 6,500 pages (p/n 12A1453)
    • Black Cartridge: 6,500 pages (p/n 12A1454)
    • Color Photoconductor Set: 13,000 pages (p/n 12A1455)
    • Black Photoconductor Kit: 13,000 pages (p/n 12A1450)
    • 250-sheet drawer (p/n 11F0138)
    • Transparencies - 50 sheets (letter) (p/n 12A0540)
    • OptraImage 322 Mono/Color for convenience copying capability (p/n 14B0132)
    • MarkVision for UNIX Networks and MarkVision for UNIX Intranet Servers (p/n 13A2140). UNIX includes: AIX, Digital, NCR, HP-UX, SCO, Sun Solarisx86, Sun Solaris, SunOS, Silicon Graphics, UNIXware
    • Optra Multimedia Assistant on CD-ROM (p/n10MV050)
    Duty Cycle
      Maximum of 20,000 pages per month (color and mono), based on a single month's usage

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