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    Lexmark 4227-100 & 4227-200 Printers


    Lexmark 4227 Printer
    Lexmark 4227 Printer
    Lexmark 4227-100 Forms Printer
    Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty
    4227-100 11A6000

    Lexmark 4227-200 4227plus Forms Printer
    Fully refurbished with 1-year warranty
    4227-200 13L0001

    Looking for Lexmark 4227 Parts?

    12T0151 2481/2491 & 4227 Automatic Sheet Feed (Wide)
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty


    13L0034 4227 Black Ribbon
    13L0034 (New)

    -100% Duty Cycle printing
    -Three print quality modes: Data Processing, Data Processing Text, Near letter quality
    -Vertical spacing of 6 and 8 lines per inch
    -Horizontal spacing of 10, 12, 15, and 16.7 characters per inch
    -A wide variety of Bar Codes are supported
    -Multi-part forms up to 6 parts may be used.
    -Front loading and straight paper path provides operator convenience, added reliability and reduction of multi-part shingling.
    -Advanced jam detection checks for paper motion when using continuous forms
    -Ribbon cartridge allows clean hands removal and installation.
    -Operator replaceable print head allows high availability.
    -Graphics printing at 144x144 dots per inch

    9-wire dot matrix

    Up to 720 cps at 10 cpi in FastDraft
    Up to 600 cps at 10 cpi in Draft
    Up to 150 cps at 10 cpi in Near Letter Quality

    IBM PPDS with Euro support, Epson DFX datastream

    Print Quality
    240 x 144 dots per inch
    60K receive buffer
    32KB Download Memory (optional: p/n 1180725)
    32KB Printer Buffer (optional: p/n 1180727)

    Paper Handling
    8 multi-part form printing
    Front feed, push tractor, manual feed
    Optional auto sheet and dual tractor feeder
    Media sizes supported:

    • 3-16" x 3-22" fan-fold paper
    • 3-16.54" x 3-22" cut sheet manual
    • 4.13-14.3" x 5.5-22" cut sheet ASF
    Centronics parallel
    RS-232/RS-422 serial
    Automatic interface switching between parallel and serial

    MarkNet Protocols and Network Operating System Support
    Lexmark MarkNet XLe (models with code level 3.53.01 and higher), Lexmark MarkNet Pro

    Font Selection
    Courier, Gothic, Fast Draft, Draft
    7 resident bar codes
    4 form macros

    Maximum Print Line
    13.6" (345.4mm)

    Usability Features
    New operator panel design includes printer status indicator
    Continuous forms and manual cut sheet/envelope/forms handling
    Optional auto sheet feeder
    Optional dual tractor

    24.3" (618.5mm) (W)
    11.2" (286.5mm) (D)
    10.8" (275mm) (H)
    36.3 lbs. (unboxed)

    55.5 dBA in Courier Mode

    10-foot parallel cable (p/n 1329605)

    1329605 Parallel (10 ft)
    1329605 (New)

    20-foot parallel cable (p/n 1427498)
    50-foot serial cable (p/n 1038693)


    13L0034 4227 Black Ribbon
    13L0034 (New)

    11A3097 auto sheet wide
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    11A6196 Second Tractor Set For 4227-100 -200
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty
    11A6196 13L0133

    11A6276 Coax Twinax For 4227
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    11A6277 Twinax Interface
    Fully refurbished with 90-day warranty

    Duty Cycle
    10,000 Power-On Hours @ 50% duty cycle

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