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Lexmark Duplexer (Color Laser) Parts


40X1920 Duplexer
40X1920 (New)

option, complete

2 40X1961 Back cover

3 40X1965 Redrive bearing

4 40X1930 Duplex entry shaft assembly

5 20 20 Screw type 312/322/412/423, parts packet, 40X1691

6 40X1923 Right side front tray guide

7 40X1956 Deflector actuator assembly

8 40X1957 Deflector follower assembly

9 40X1959 Duplex front jam tray assembly

10 40X1935 Duplex support bracket

11 40X1964 Sensor mount plate

12 40X1927 Duplex exit sensor

13 40X1924 Duplex shaft mount

14 40X1954 Front decurl assembly

15 40X1979 F/R backup shaft assembly

16 40X1951 5 mm bushing

17 40X1948 Brake pad

18 40X1963 Duplex paper guide

19 40X1933 Wall support

20 40X1950 Brake spring

21 40X1947 Pass thru shaft assembly

22 40X1926 Duplex shaft assembly

23 40X1944 Pass thru spring

24 40X1814 Aligner arm spring

25 40X1942 Spur drive gear

26 40X1943 26T duplex gear

27 Retainer, parts packet, 40X1966

28 40X1946 Bellcrank assembly

29 40X1949 Decurl BAC assembly

30 40X1929 40T shaft drive F/R gear

NS 40X1955 Pulley washer
30.1-1 40X1934 Duplex support plate

2 40X1938 Autoconnect cable assembly

3 40X1939 DC forward/reverse motor assembly

4 40X1940 DC duplex feed motor

5 Screw type 323, parts packet, 40X1633

6 40X1648 Cable tie (6 in pack)

7 40X1937 Back support

8 40X1922 Duplex card assembly

9 40X1958 Transfer belt

10 40X1960 Right jam clearance tray assembly

11 40X1969 C-clip retainer

12 40X1953 Aligner spring

13 40X1967 Paper guide assembly

14 40X1941 Drive alignment shaft assembly

15 40X1952 Reduction gear shaft

16 40X1931 Right backup spring assembly

17 40X1968 Drive gear

18 40X1932 Left backup spring assembly

19 40X1962 Upper rib assembly

20 40X1925 Duplex input sensor

21 Screw type 324, parts packet 440X1635