Dynamic Testimonials

Dave is wonderful and goes out of this way to be of service; very rare in our society today. It is a true pleasure working with him.
      17 March 2021 15:59:28

Ali, I just want to pass along how great of a service person Dave Mendelson is.  We need more Dave’s in this world.   Have a great day, Michael
      08 February 2021 17:14:16

Found you guys on the Internet. Described the problem You guys dispatched the board Took the printer apart. Lots of screws, etc. Installed the board Put the printer back together Only 7 extra screws, but evidently not needed. Printer works. Yeah!
      01 February 2021 10:27:43

Order parts from Argecy years ago and just ordered a laser printer. Excellent service and tech support. Thank you!
      07 April 2020 14:12:41

Wonderful! I had such an excellent experience with you guys. Thank you so much!! Sincerely, Diana 
      04 March 2019 16:21:23

Hi, Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting the part for my printer and sending it out, it arrived today with me and now got my printer working like new again, I am very grateful with the service you have provided me, so big thank you for everything -Thanks
      22 February 2019 17:29:02

Fast shipping and the part fits perfect.
      12 May 2016 17:29:02

I been looking for a part for a very old Genicom printer and Argency Computer Crop had that part.. Excellent !!!!
      02 March 2016 15:01:02

We've done business with Argecy, Dave, for almost 3 years and I've always been happy with the service. Dave goes out of his way to satisfy the customer. Good company to do business with!
      15 January 2016 17:16:57

I say this: My employer would better serve themselves if they would purchase from vendors that also provides service. Had they accepted that I sought such a vendor and recommended Argecy, we would have received better value. Argecy, as the parts wholesaler to the retail vendor, has provided valiant and exemplary assistance before and after we purchased parts, even though my employer sought a vendor solely based on price, not value. Argecy received no direct remuneration from my employer. Argecy is recognized for their worthy service and support of our business. Thanks very much, Dave and all at Argecy! Tim
      03 September 2015 19:47:14

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